Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Daily 5 - Chapter 2

This week has been crazy at school!!  My kiddos are SOOO ready for summer and so am I!!!  Only 5 more days till summer vacation!  I've been super tired, so reading chapter 2 took some effort to get through (even though it only 10 pages long!).
Anyways, here are the questions for chapter 2:

1 .What goals do you have for your classroom as you work to implement the principles and foundations of the Daily 5 discussed in chapter 2? What support do you need to do this? 
  1. develop as much independence as possible
  2. develop as sense of community that fosters literacy experiences
  3. allow students to have as much choice as possible 
For me to implement Daily 5 in my classroom next year, I think it really important for me to first look at the needs in my classroom.  Most of my students next year are going to be non-verbal (or with severe expressive language delays) and are functioning at the pre-k level.  I guess for me I will need to look at what is developmentally appropriate for each student and modify Daily 5 to work with my population.    For my classroom the supports I think that I will need to use include lots of visuals, choice boards, and programming of student communication devices to allow students to have a voice in there choices.  I will also need to look at the stamina of my students.  Most of my students will have between a 30 sec to 5 minute attention spans.  How can I incorporate technology (iPads, computer programs and SMART Board) to help increase my students attention to task.  Most importantly I will need to use my EA's to support my students!  For special ed teachers out there, what supports do you use to implement Daily 5?
2. What stands out as the most significant aspects of this chapter? 
I love how much choice the students are given in Daily 5.  This is something that I'm super excited about!!  I know that in my experience as a special education teacher, that my students need to be given choice within a specific structure!  However, next year my students are going to have more complex needs.  I'm excited to offer them choice in their own learn endeavors, but to do I will need many visuals, and technology supports!

3. How do the foundational principles of the Daily 5 structure (trust, choice, community, sense of urgency, and stamina), align with your beliefs that support your teaching strategies and the decisions that you make about student learning?
 I believe that all children can learn literacy.  One of my favorite pieces of literature is the "Literacy Bill of Rights".   I believe that all children have the right to be included in literacy experiences.
I also believe that students can surprise you each and everyday with what they can accomplish.  I always like to try new things and see if they will work... it might not always work, but at least you tried!  I'm excited to try Daily 5.. I do have my concerns though.. For my class is word work developmentally appropriate?  Many of my kiddos will just be at the word level (as in the hierarchy of words->compound words -> onset and rhyming ->syllables - >individual sounds ->letters).  Also, most of my students will be at the pre-reading level, so how will my guys be successful at read to self?  Will looking and reading the pictures be where my class is at?  Time will tell, but I'm excited for the challenge!

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