Friday, 6 July 2012

Daily 5 - Chapter 4

I'm joining "First Grade Blue Skies", "Tales from Outside the Classroom" and "Tattling to the Teacher" for Chapter 4 - Read to Self.

Three Ways to Read a Book:

  • read and talk about the pictures
  • read the words
  • retell a previously read book
Launching Read to Self:

I love that "the sisters" include the students in creating anchor charts.  I love that the student's actual words are included on the anchor charts!  I also love that they encourage modelling of both appropriate and inappropriate behaviours during Read to Self.  I also love how much time they spend practicing Read to Self.  With the population of students I teach, they are going to need lots of practice and encouragement to become independent!

Guiding Questions:
In reflecting on your students' work with these strategies, what can you celebrate at this point in the year?
  • This past year I did not use the Daily 5.  I am excited to implement it in the fall.  Even though I didn't use Daily 5, my students did daily self-selected reading.  At the beginning of the school year my kiddos could only read independently for between 30 seconds and a minute before becoming distracted.  We continued to practice self-selected reading and how we could read.  By the end of the year we were up to around 10-15 minutes!!  This was a HUGE accomplishment for my kiddos!!!  With that being said, not all of my students could do it for 10 minutes.  As a special education teacher, I am curious how I can make Read to Self super successful for kiddo who don't access books in a traditional way.  This year I have used SETBC Books, TumbleBooks, Classroom Suite Books for the kiddos that couldn't interact with literature in a typical way.  If you are also a special education teacher, how do you help your students access literature during Read to Self?

How might you help your students continue to build stamina within these areas?
  • I think with the population of kiddos I teach, we would need to start at 1 minute for practicing Read to Self.  I also think that it will take us longer to increase the independence time and I'm not sure that my kiddos will ever get to 30(+) minutes of independent reading.  With my kiddos 30(+) minutes of anything is a REALLY long time.  Often they can only engage in activities for up to 20 minutes!  I also think its really important that you build stamina and encourage appropriate reading behaviour.  If you allow them to build inappropriate reading routines then you will have struggles for the rest of the school year!  I can't wait to see what this looks like in the fall!


  1. I'm hoping to use the Daily 5 for the first time next year also!! I CAN'T wait!!

    I'm your newest follower!!
    Miss Stallings’s Safari

  2. I am not a special education teacher but I was thinking about your question accessing read to self for special education what about leap frog products would that be helpful?

    1. Hi Misty,

      Thank so much for your suggestion. I have used some Leap Frog products in the past.. I will need to look into them again!

  3. I am not sure if this will work--but I thought it might work with special ed. My daughter takes Suzuki Piano--and we are always trying to build her stamina with practice time. One of the methods the teacher has used is taking little breaks during the lesson. For example: she plays four notes of the piece, then she gets to add a block to her tower. We have used tongs to pick the block out of the bowl, and add to her tower. She gets a little break, then we go back to playing the notes of the song until she is ready for another break. Sometimes I put little lego figures inside a plastic egg. She will play with the lego figure for a little while, then she is ready to play the piece. My daughter was in a self-contained early childhood program, and will now be going into an inclusion kindergarten. Her attention span is far less than my boys at the same age--and this seems to help build her stamina. I don't know the make-up of your class or the ratio of adults to children--but it might help those who can't make it the ten minutes.

    I am one of your newest followers. I would love to have you come by and visit!