Monday, 9 July 2012

Latest Graduate Course

Today I started my latest graduate course - "Teaching Student's with Challenging Behaviors".  I took a very similar course during my undergraduate degree - which I hope will help me with this one!  This course has an actual multiple choice midterm and final.  This will be new for me as all of my other graduate courses have all been project based.  I do have to write 1 paper.  This paper needs to look at an "intervention" that you could use with student's that have emotional or behavioral disorders..... So I thought I would ask if anyone special ed. or general ed. teachers have an favorite "interventions" they use? 

For me, I believe it always important to put the child first and look at their needs and what the function of the behavior is... How ever I do tend to use lots of intervention from "Behavior Theory".  I have use token economies and cost response in my classroom with lots of success!!


  1. Kelsey - not sure if this one would qualify but Ross Greene's collaborative problem solving model is one that I really like. Not sure how much research you are going to find on it though (which can be a problem at the masters level).

    I'm also currently taking a behaviour course (will be done in 2 weeks) along with a brain in education course. I am doing a presentation on an "alternative behaviour theory" this afternoon - topic is neurfeedback for treatment of ADHD. Should be no surprise that there is not yet emperical data for this as a treatment strategy (but it was interesting reading).

    1. Thanks Monica!!! I love problem solving models as well!!! I have used them with some of my kiddos that it is developmentally appropriate for!! I will look into the specific model!! So true about the empirical data needed! I read you post about maybe switching to a thesis based masters... have you decided anything yet? I have also been throwing that idea around!!! If I do that, I will not have any more courses to take after this summer, but I'm not sure when I will find time to write a thesis!!! How are your courses going? I'm taking 3 courses over 4 weeks... with 2 courses being completed in the last 2 weeks... Just another crazy summer!!

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