Thursday, 9 August 2012

Back to School Shopping

I don't officially go back to work until August 28th, but I have been itching to start to get my classroom together....However, there is a problem.... I don't know what my classroom will look like.  When I went for my interview for my new position I didn't get a chance to look around the school.  My principal isn't in until August 20th, so I won't know what my classroom will look like till then!

I did however go to Staples' Teacher Appreciation sale today and bought something things that I know I will need!  I will base my classroom colours this year off of the stuff I bought today!!!
(Left-Right: Plan Binder, Sub Folder, Meeting Notebook, Below: is my new day timer)
(my new lunch bag)
I also was inspired by many Teacher Tool Boxes that I had seen on Pinterest, so I decided that I would give making one a try.  I went to Lowes and bought the stackable 22 drawer storage container.  I then went to HomeSense and bought a package of scrapbook paper ( 60 sheets for $3) and went to work.  I created a template for the big and small drawers.  Click on the "DONE" picture below and it will take you to the template!

Anyways, when I get to see my new classroom I will take some pictures!  Until then.... Happy Thursday!

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